Installation Guide

Installation Guide#

jaxoplanet is built on top of jax so that’s the primary dependency that you’ll need. All of the methods below will install any required dependencies, but if you want to take advantage of your GPU, that might take a little more setup. jaxoplanet doesn’t have any GPU-specific code, so it should be enough to just follow the installation instructions for CUDA support in the jax README.

Using pip#

The easiest way to install the most recent stable version of jaxoplanet is with pip:

python -m pip install jaxoplanet

From source#

Alternatively, you can get the source:

git clone
cd jaxoplanet
python -m pip install -e .


If you installed from source, you can run the unit tests. From the root of the source directory, run:

python -m pip install nox
python -m nox -s test